Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Plant Mums

If your mum is a plant lady and you can’t think of a gift to give, then you’ve come to the right place. Mother’s Day is a day where you can show your mum just how much you love and appreciate her. We know that sometimes finding the perfect gift can be challenging. This is why we’ve come up with 7 gift ideas that you can get your plant loving mum for Mother’s Day. Whether she has only newly started collecting house plants or she’s been doing it for years, she is sure to love these gifts.

Propagation Station

You can’t go wrong with this vintage style propagation station. This propagation station is sure to be an eye-catcher in any room and can be shown off in many different ways, like on the wall, desk or shelf.

Watering Can

Not only is this watering can stylish, it is designed for easy use and precise watering. The long spout gives you more control and allows for targeted watering, causing less spillage. It has comfortable handing and makes it easier to reach higher positioned plants.

Plant Stand

Mum can show off her plants with this 3 tier bamboo plant stand. This plant stand is made from environmentally friendly materials and will look good in any corner. The round carbon steel material sauces are made to be anti-rust and easy too clean, while the smooth feet will protect the floor.

Macrame Plant Hanger

This style of plant hanger is stylish and unique, making it the perfect touch to any room. The Macrame Plant Hanger is handmade using 100% cotton and the flexible woven design can accomodate a variety of pot shapes and sizes.

Plantopedia: The Definitive Guide to Houseplants

You can’t go wrong with a house plant book. With over 130 pages of plant profiles and detailed plant care information, your mum is sure to love it. Not only is it a good and informative read, it also looks good as decor on a shelf or bench. You don’t have to only stick with this book, there are so many other amazing plant related books to choose from.

Gardening Tool Set

This small indoor gardening tool set comes with pruners, snips, rake, trowel, shovel, canvas tote and glass spray bottle. This small tool set is perfect for small gardens and potting indoor plants. It has all the tools required to successfully care for house plants.

Duvet Cover

This stylish Monstera leaf duvet cover is made from 100% cotton and a perfect gift for your plant loving mum. Now she can sleep and dream about plants in her new plant duvet.

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift doesn’t need to be hard. We all know she’ll love and appreciate anything that you give her. We hope these ideas were helpful in finding a Mother’s Day gift for your mum!

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