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  • Ficus Audrey

    Ficus Audrey

    Ficus Benghalensis a.k.a Ficus Audrey Ficus Audrey Quick Overview Full Size 5-10 foot Light Bright indirect light Temperature Above 60˚F (15˚C) Humidity Medium-high Cost $ Care Level Easy Toxicity Toxic Ficus Audrey Size The typical size of this ficus when kept indoors with the correct care is 5-10 feet high. In the wild, these plants…

  • How To Care For Rubber Plants

    How To Care For Rubber Plants

    Ficus Elastica aka Rubber Plant/Rubber Tree Rubber Plants (Ficus Elastica) are part of the Moraceae family and are native to eastern parts of South and Southeast Asia. Rubber Plants come in a variety of different colours and patterns ranging from greens to variegated with pinks. They have large, glossy leaves and can grow up to 25+ feet when grown outdoors.…