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  • Homalomena Jungle Satin Care Guide

    Homalomena Jungle Satin Care Guide

    Homalomena Humilis a.k.a Homalomena Black Satin, Homalomena Humilis Black, Homalomena Jungle Satin The Homalomena Jungle Satin is a gorgeous plant to add to your collection. The foliage is velvety to touch and the new growth starts off a burgundy colour before going to a darker brownish colour as the leaf hardens. The underside of the…

  • Homalomena Camouflage

    Homalomena Camouflage

    Homalomena Wallisii Homalomena Camouflage Quick Overview Full Size 8-10 inches tall Light Medium indirect Temperature 60-90˚F (15-32˚C) Humidity Medium Cost $ Care Level Easy Toxicity Toxic Size The typical size of a Homalomena Camouflage when kept indoors with the correct care is 8-10 inches tall with leaves reaching 5-8 inches long. Light Requirements While Homalomena…