Low Light Tolerant Indoor Plants

If you’re looking for an indoor plant to put in a room that only produces low light then you’re in the right place. There are heaps of easy to care for, low light tolerant plants just waiting for you.

One of the biggest problems in homes is trying to find that perfect spot for your plant that will give it the light it needs. Good news is that there’s many plants that can tolerate low light conditions and will be perfect for your low light spot.

While some plants can tolerate low light conditions, it’s known that they will do best in brighter light. Plants in lower light may have slower growth and lean towards the light.

Here’s our quick list of indoor plants that will tolerate that low light spot in your house or will adapt too low light conditions.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

Peace Lilies are one of the most popular indoor plants and although they grow best in moderate to bright indirect sunlight they can tolerate low light conditions. They help purify the air and they’re quite easy to look after. You can read more on looking after Peace Lillies here.

Full SizeUp to 16 inches tall
LightModerate to bright indirect light
Temperature68 to 85˚F
Care LevelEasy

Devils Ivy (Epipremnum Aureum)

Devils Ivy are extremely easy to care for and thrive with little to no attention. They’re also great for propagating and will grow fast in the right conditions, devils ivy can tolerate low light conditions; however, this can effect how fast they will grow. You can read more on how to look after Devils Ivy here.

Full Size6 to 8 feet
LightBright filtered light
HumidityAverage to high
Care LevelEasy

Maidenhair fern (Adiantum)

Maidenhair Ferns are a delicate plant that are harder to care for as they like to be constantly moist. These small indoor ferns prefer to live in well lit conditions however it is not unheard of for these to survive in low lit areas. You can read more on Maidenhair Ferns and how to keep them happy here.

Full Size12 to 20 inches
LightWell lit
Temperature70˚F (21˚C)
HumidityMedium to high
Care LevelHigh
ToxicityNon toxic

Philodendron Brasil (Philodendron Hederaceum)

Philodendron Brasil are another easy to care for indoor plant that can tolerate low light conditions. Although these philodenrons thrive in medium to bright indirect light their low light tolerance can help fill that empty space in your house or apartment. Just remember to water these indoor plants when the top inch of soil is dry. You can find more information on how to care a Philodendron Brasil here.

Full Size6-36 inches high
LightMedium to bright indirect
Care LevelEasy

Heartleaf Philodendron (Philodendron Cordatum)

Heartleaf Philodendron are easy to care for and have beautiful heart shaped leaves. These Philodendron are yet another great indoor plant that will survive that low lit corner of your house. For more information on keeping Heartleaf Philodendron see here.

Full Size4 foot
LightMedium to bright indirect
HumidityLow to medium indirect
Care LevelEasy

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa are undoubtedly one of the most popular indoor house plants, and that doesn’t go without reason. These beautiful large leaves filled with amazing holes are another great plant that can tolerate low light conditions, although for best growth results it is suggested that they are kept in bright indirect light. Monsteras will help purify the air within your house and look perfect in any spot you put them in. You can continue reading on how to care for Monstera Deliciosa here.

Full Size8 foot high
LightBright indirect light
Care LevelEasy

Marble Queen (Epipremnum Aureum)

Marble Queen are one of the prettiest indoor plants that will tolerate low light conditions. Their amazing variegation will leave you in awe and can send you into a trance as soon as you start looking at them. They will perform best in medium to bright indirect light but will survive in those low light spaces in your house; however, it is important to note that loss of variegation can be a sign of insufficient sunlight. You can read more on how to care for a Marble Queen here.

Full Size6-10 feet
LightMedium-bright indirect
Care LevelEasy

Calathea Orbifolia

Last but not least, Calathea Orbifolia have beautiful leaves and will fit in any space you put it. Preferring medium indirect sunlight, these beautiful plants will survive in low lit positions. You can read more on how to keep Calathea Orbifolia healthy here.

Full Size100 centimetres
LightMedium indirect
Temperature 65-75˚F
Care LevelMedium-high
ToxicityNon toxic

We hope this guide helped your choice of indoor plant for that low position, for more information on plants make sure to check out our other articles.