Mini Monstera Easy Indoor Care Guide

Raphidophora Tetrasperma

Mini Monstera Quick Overview

Full Size6-12 feet in a season
LightBright indirect
Care LevelEasy


The Mini Monstera are one of the fastest growing aroids. Mini Monstera can grow up to 6 to 12 feet in a season with the correct care, sending out branches in every direction.

Light Requirements

Your Mini Monstera will perform best when positioned in bright indirect light. Signs that your Mini Monstera is getting not enough light is slow growth and small leaves. This can be resolved by changing the position of your plant to somewhere that better suits its light requirements.


Mini Monstera prefer warmer temperature conditions and will grow best when kept in an area which maintains a temperature of 55-95˚F (12-35˚C). When keeping your plant outside of this temperate bracket for prolonged periods of time you can expect it to develop health issues or seize growing.


Mini Monstera can tolerate a standard household humidity but maintaining a higher humidity (approximately 50-60%) will assist in keeping your Mini Monstera happy and healthy. If your plant is housed in a spot with a humidity level consistently outside of this range click here for tips on how to increase or decrease humidity levels.

Watering Requirements

You should water your Mini Monstera when the top 1-2 inches of soil is dry as they like to be kept moist but not soggy. When watering your Mini Monstera be sure to water thoroughly, allowing the water to drain completely.

Fertilizing requirements

In optimal conditions your Mini Monstera should be fertilized every month during the growing season. This will assist in keeping your plant alive as well as promote healthy growth.

Soil Requirements

Mini Monstera require a rich, well draining soil that will also hold some moisture as Mini Monstera like to be kept slightly moist at all times.

Diseases & Pests

The most common diseases and pests that you can encounter whilst caring for your Mini Monstera are spider mites and root rot. For a wide range of information on combating a large range of indoor plant diseases and pests click here.


Mini Monstera are considered to be toxic if ingested.