Spider Mites – Identification & Treatment

Spider Mites Quick Overview

Identification Reddish brown with spider like bodies
Symptoms Mottled and browning leaves, curling or shrivelling leaves, yellowing marks
TreatmentWater, humidity, soaps and oils

Spider Mites are tiny pests that suck the life out of your plants. Here’s how to identify and get rid of them.


Spider Mites are easily identified by their webbing, reddish brown colour and spider like bodies. They’re oval shaped, extremely small (less than 1mm in length) and live in colonies. Spider Mites are typically found on the underside of the leaves and on the leaf joints.


Common symptoms of your plants having Spider Mites are mottled and browning leaves, curled up or shrivelling leaves and yellowing marks. Plants may show one or all of these symptoms when suffering from Spider Mites.

Treatment Methods

Natural Methods to get rid of Spider Mites

If you’ve found out your plant is suffering from a Spider Mites infestation, you can try wiping the leaves and rinsing the plant down being sure to get the underside of the leaves and in the leaf joints where they attack most. You might have to follow this method every few days to make sure they’re eliminated completely.

Another method you can try is making a homemade solution. Simply wipe the leaves and make up a mix of 2 tablespoons vegetable oil and half tablespoon dishwashing detergent in a litre of water and spray it all over your plant, making sure to get the underside of the leaves and in the leaf joints. This will suffocate any of the adult Spider Mites still on your plant. You’ll need to repeat this method every few days.

Spider Mites like a hot, dry environment so increasing the humidity level can be a solution to help keep the nasty pests away. Tips on increasing the humidity level can be found here.

Organic Solutions to rid Spider Mites

There is a variety of organic insecticides that you can use as an immediate solution to your spider mites problem that will not harm your indoor plants. We recommend a quality neem oil to remove spider mites.

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