Homalomena Camouflage

Homalomena Wallisii

Homalomena Camouflage Quick Overview

Full Size8-10 inches tall
LightMedium indirect
Temperature60-90˚F (15-32˚C)
Care LevelEasy


The typical size of a Homalomena Camouflage when kept indoors with the correct care is 8-10 inches tall with leaves reaching 5-8 inches long.

Light Requirements

While Homalomena Camouflage will tolerate low light conditions, your Homalomena Camouflage will perform best when positioned in medium indirect light. Signs that your Homalomena Camouflage is getting too much light is burnt leaves. This can be resolved by changing the position of your plant to somewhere that better suits its light requirements.


Homalomena Camouflage prefer warmer temperature conditions and will grow best when kept in an area which maintains a temperature of 60-90˚F (15-32˚C). Homalomena Camouflage can withstand temperates as low as 40˚F (4˚C) without causing any damage to the plant.

If the temperature reaches below 40˚F (4˚C) the foliage of the plant may start to yellow and rot. When keeping your plant outside of this temperate bracket for prolonged periods of time you can expect it to develop health issues or seize growing.


Maintaining a medium humidity (50% or above) will assist in keeping your Homalomena Camouflage happy and healthy. When temperates reach up to 64˚F (18˚C) or higher, it is best to try and increase the humidity level.

For tips on how to increase the humidity levels, click here. Low humidity levels can cause the tips and edges of the leaves to brown.

Watering Requirements

Since Homalomena Camouflage love moisture, you should water your plant enough to keep the soil moist. When watering your Homalomena Camouflage, be sure to water throughly, allowing it to drain completely.

Always make sure you empty the saucer after every watering so the plant doesn’t stay sitting in water as this could cause damage to the roots.

Aside from solely relying on the watering frequency to tell when your plant is thirsty, a tell tale sign that your Homalomena Camouflage needs water is the foliage turning yellow and spartan. During winter, you should allow the top half of soil to dry out between waterings.

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Fertilizing requirements

In optimal conditions your Homalomena Camouflage should be fertilized every 2 weeks during the growing period. This will assist in keeping your plant alive as well as promote healthy growth.

Soil Requirements

Homalomena Camouflage requires a soil that will hold moisture but is well draining.

Diseases & Pests

The most common pests that you can encounter whilst caring for your Homalomena Camouflage are mealy bugs and spider mites. For a wide range of information on combating a large range of indoor plant diseases and pests click here. Homalomena Camouflage tend to be pretty disease resistant.


Homalomena Camouflage are considered to be toxic if ingested.