Best Greenhouses for Indoor Plants

Greenhouses are a great way to grow Indoor/ house plants due to their great ability to better regulate temperature and humidity. Whether you are running out of space inside for your growing plant collection or looking for greater climate control here are our top picks.

If you are after more information on keeping indoor plants in greenhouses be sure to see our guide to Keeping Indoor Plants in Greenhouses.

Product nameProduct Price (new)
1. Home-Complete Mini Greenhouse-4-Tier$36
2. Home-Complete HC-4202 Walk-In Greenhouse.$118.99
3. Palram HG5008 Mythos Hobby Greenhouse$634.99

Along with your budget for an indoor plant greenhouse, some of the major things you want to keep in mind when considering purchasing a greenhouse are; size, weight capacity and construction.

1. Home-Complete Mini Greenhouse-4-Tier 

This 4 shelf greenhouse from Home-Complete is a great starter greenhouse for those who have a small amount of space or plants. I recommend this greenhouse for any beginner indoor plant keeper due to it’s great price. You can pick-up this mini greenhouse for around $36 dollars from Amazon which includes free delivery.

The Home-Complete Mini Greenhouse-4-Tier is easy to assemble and requires no tools for construction. It features a sturdy clear PVC cover which is great for increasing temperature during colder months and trapping and increasing humidity. The cheap price is reflective in the overall build quality

Due to its small size, this greenhouse is not ideal for housing larger plants and is only rated to hold 24 pounds (10.8kg) on each shelf. This is ideal for about 4-5 small plants (4 inch pots) per shelf, so with a total of 4 shelves gives you the capacity for 16-20 small plants.

This Greenhouse comes with several small zip ties to keep the shelves fixed to the frame. We noticed the amount of zip ties is insufficient so make sure to add a couple more around the edges to improve shelf stability. When first opening the package and assembling the greenhouse there is a noticeable plastic smell. We kept it outside whilst it smelled for several hours and this aired the smell off.

Over all the Home-Complete Mini Greenhouse-4-Tier provides fairly good value for money as a starter greenhouse, perfect for those new to the hobby or with a small collection of plants.

2. Home-Complete HC-4202 Walk-In Greenhouse

This 8 shelf walk-in greenhouse is also from Home-Complete and is a suitable greenhouse for those who have a moderate amount of space or larger plants. I’ve recommend this greenhouse for indoor plant keepers due to it’s great value and walk-in capability. You can pick-up this walk-in greenhouse starting at $119 dollars from Amazon which includes free delivery from select sellers.

The Home-Complete HC-4202 Walk-In Greenhouse is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. This is assuming you have the room as it fairly large, measuring 56.3 x 56.3 x 76.7 inches (143 x 143 x 195 cm). This also requires no tools to assemble, however you may need a hammer if you wish to fix the rope and anchors to the ground.

We found this greenhouse surprisingly sturdy once all the interconnecting plastics of the frame were pushed firmly into place. The clear PVC cover appears a little flimsy and let off a strong odor on arrival, however these problems were easily fixed after letting it air and a little bit of duct tape.

Its larger size makes this greenhouse is ideal for housing larger plants. Once filled the walk in ability gives you the feeling your walking into your very own little jungle, which I personally enjoy over other greenhouses. This is ideal for about 3-4 medium sized plants per shelf, so with a total of 8 shelves gives you the capacity for 24-32 plants. However I would recommend staying at the lower end of the scale as the shelves tend to sag a fair bit under stress. You could easily reinforce them with additional PVC wood, however if you have a multitude of plants on the heavier scale I’d suggest something more sturdy.

3. Palram HG5008 Mythos Hobby Greenhouse

For those deep into the indoor plant hobby this is the ultimate greenhouse for you. For what it lacks in shelves, it definitely makes up for it with more premium features like, adjustable roof vents, lockable handles, magnetic door catches & rain gutters. You can purchase this greenhouse starting at $635 dollars from Amazon.

The Palram HG5008 Mythos Hobby Greenhouse is perfect for outdoor use. This is the largest greenhouse we’ve recommended, measuring 97.2 x 72.8 x 81.9 inches (247 x 185 x 208 cm). The large space gives you the luxury of adding additional facilities such as a potting bench inside. Due to the aluminum components some basic tools are required for construction.

Instead of a PVC like both previously mentioned greenhouses, this greenhouse features twin wall poly-carbonate panels. These panels are capable of blocking almost 100% of UV rays, however; we recommend fixing some shade cloth to the inside of the roof if kept in full sun for those indoor plants that prefer filtered light.

This greenhouse is STRONG and they have designed this greenhouse with longevity in mind. Built with rust resistant aluminium, it is happy exposed to the constant humidity and moisture that should be expected with a greenhouse. They’ve even back it up with a 5 year warranty and decent customer support.

The manufacturer recommends placing this greenhouse to a concrete slab, but these can be expensive and unobtainable for some people. We personally constructed a wooden frame as a base, lined the bottom with weed mat (to prevent unwanted weeds) and topped with small stones. We found that the stones are also beneficial for retaining heat over night, especially during winter.

Over all if you had to choose an indoor plant greenhouse, we can’t go past recommending the Palram HG5008 Mythos Hobby Greenhouse. We’ve believe it’s better to do it once and do it right. Although the upfront investment in both time and money is higher, the longevity and solid construction is better and will last years to come without needing to replace it. The best part with it’s large space is you now have an excuse to visit your local nursery and find more plants to fill it.