Reviving Indoor Plants

There’s nothing better than going to your local plant store or Bunnings and seeing that there’s indoor plants that have been marked down. The important question is, can I revive them or are they too far gone?

Can you bring a plant back to life?

Of course you can. If the roots of the plant are still alive then there’s a chance that you can bring that plant back to life, but if the roots are dead then the plant is too far gone. Another good sign is if the stems of the plant are still green.

How do you revive a dying plant?

Once you’ve checked if the plant can be bought back to life, it’s best to repot the plant into some fresh well draining soil and in a pot that isn’t too big for the plant. Next, you should trim off all the dead roots and foliage. Doing this will mean the roots won’t have to work as hard to try and keep the foliage alive as well as promote more growth.

Water the plant accordingly, being sure to not give too much water if the plant was originally suffering from over-watering. Don’t forget to check if the plant is suffering from a pest infestation. Wipe off the leaves and apply any solutions if needed. Place the plant into a spot with medium to bright indirect light for best growth.

How can I bring a plant back to life after overwatering?

It is possible to bring a plant back to life from over-watering. Remove the plant from the pot and check for healthy white roots, removing any brown mushy roots. It’s also good to remove all of the yellowing or dying leaves. If you’ve had to remove most of the roots, it’s best to trim back most of the foliage as this will put less stress on the roots trying to keep the plant alive.

Next, you should give the roots a rinse under fresh water and then pot into some well draining soil. You can put the plant back into its original pot but make sure the pot has been washed to avoid any traces of infected soil. It’s also good to make sure the pot has good drainage to help avoid over-watering from occurring again.

Lastly, water the plant and allow the plant to drain completely before placing it on a saucer or in a cover pot to be sure it won’t be sitting in any water. Place the plant in a spot that has medium to bright indirect light (no direct sunlight) for the plant to recover. Don’t water the plant again until most of the soil is dry.